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Welcome to Tijuana Dental Studio

Your Affordable Dentist in Tijuana. We are an entrepreneur group of dentists in Tijuana that strive for a change in the concept of dentistry.

Qualified Doctors

Over 30 years of combined experience and in constant updating.

Quality Equipment

We use the best brands in equipment and materials, always keeping it clean, disinfected and sterilized.

Friendly Staff

We will receive you with the best attention and our best smiles.

Advanced Dentistry

We use the latest procedures and techniques.

Our Clinical Services

At Dental Studio we offer you a great variety of preventive, restorative, cosmetic and corrective services according to the needs of our patients. We are compromised to give you the best quality possible to achieve the best result to smile freely again.

About our Clinic

We are an enterprising group of dentists in Tijuana looking for a change in the concept of odontology.
Your previous visits to the dentist have no comparison to the warmth of our treatment, the excellent service we provide, the quality of our materials and the maximum personalized care. You will experience the well-being of having a healthier mouth. We are located in Tijuana, B.C, and we offer dental services for clients who visit us from both sides of the border.

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Meet our staff and our office.

What Our Patients Say

“All good, perfect, Dr. Luz María is perfect explaining”

Roberto Vicario

“Staff and dentist very welcoming. The dentist are very professional and are very attentive, they walk you every step of the way. Wonderful all around. Will always come back to Dental Studio Tijuana.”

Cristina López

“Very good attention and have new equipment, I recommend it.”

Victor Fernandez

“Dr. Mario, Dr. Luz, Dr.Ahumada. Thank you!!! Excellent service!!!. The doctors are very kind and are always aware of your needs. The offices are super clean and have the necessary equipment to provide an excellent service. I would definitely visit the "Dental Studio Tijuana" office again”

Sergio Pérez

“Thank you for keeping my smile active, RECOMMENDED!”

Christian Martínez

“I loved the comfort and how friendly they are. The doctor super nice person, went to a tooth extraction and everything super perfect, Professional and clean.”

Valeria Cumpian

“It was a pleasure to come to this dental clinic everyone is very friendly and the service is 100% loved and from today it will be my favorite clinic thanks Dental Studio Tijuana”

Rosa Vicario

Dental Studio MX is a GREAT clinic, I have gone there several times and the customer service they provide is excellent, their facilities are very clean and well sanitized and to me this is so important since I'm there to take care of my dental health. Dr. Lamas and Dr. Lopez are always very prompt to answer any questions or concerns I have. Also one of the things I like this place for is because I don't have to drive around town, they have all the services my family and I need (Implants, Orthodontics, General Dentistry). Overall, If you're looking for a good place with honesty and great service, this is it, I very much recommend it.

Annet Lara

Great staff, good facility. Everything went so perfectly smooth getting my wisdom teeth out! I will continue to visit this dentist.

Sarah Larah Lou

I am a little bit fussy about medical and dental procedures, I went to Dental Studio with Dr. Luz Lopez who made an excelent job on my teeth. Everything is super clean. She is following up my treatment very professionally. HIghly recommended if you are looking for a excellent attention and pricing down in Mexico.

Olga Bernal


$ 200 USD

Normal Cleansing
Ambulatory Whitening

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