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Root Canals Tijuana

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Root Canals Tijuana

Just hearing the phrase “root canal” can get a lot of dental patients nervous. Usually, root canals treatments are associated with pain, but, truth of the matter is that it will instead alleviate the pain by treating the infection that lies deep in the root of your tooth, which is what’s causing the real pain.

So, now that we understand that a root canal treatment it’s actually a good thing, let’s talk about what a root canal is, and the specifics about the treatment.

What is a root canal?

In the center of your tooth lives tissue comprising the pulp including its nerves and blood vessels. The interior of the tooth’s roots that contain the pulp make up the tooth’s root canal.

How do I know if a tooth has a root canal infection?

Although it takes a dental professional to determine the presence, and the severity, of a root canal infection, there are several symptoms you can look out for. Some of these symptoms may include sharp, intense pain when biting down, an ache, feeling of pressure or tenderness and swelling in them gums near the infected tooth. Also, there may be pain during and after consuming cold or hot foods or beverages. However, sometimes an infected tooth may stop hurting and you no longer feel pain.

Some patients have had these symptoms, but then the symptoms went away, so they thought the problem was gone, when in fact the infection was still there, only that the nerve had died. If this happens to you, it’s important to have your Tijuana dentists assess your condition in order to avoid future complications.

Why would a tooth need root canal treatment?

Well, you my think you can live with the pain, or maybe the nerve died and there’s no more pain. Still, the tissues in the root canal is infected, and if it’s not treated you may loose your tooth. Worst still, if left untreated, root canal infection can spread into the bone immediately around the root.

As you can see, it’s important not to leave a root canal infection unattended. By avoiding the “pain” of the treatment, you could be causing yourself even more pain down the road.

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