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Dental Resins Tijuana

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Dental Resins Tijuana

Tooth decay is one of the most common disorders, after the common cold. It usually occurs in children and young adults, but can affect anyone and is a common cause of tooth loss in younger people.

When is a dental filling needed?

When there is a cavity

When there is a cracked or broken tooth

Teeth grinding (bruxism)

Using teeth to open things

Advantages of the Resin over the Amalgam, such as he absence of Mercury, metals, and substances that are toxic to the organism.

Natural and aesthetic aspect.

The resin is more expensive than amalgam (appearing as the only downside) but still remains accessible and advantageous for the benefits outlined above.

Dental fillings may not sound familiar to those who’ve never had any cavity issues, but for the rest, it’s something that’s very common. There are many different kinds of dental fillings available for those wishing to get some filling. What you need to know is that each type of filling is made of different materials and that they all have upsides as well as downsides associated with them. Therefore it’s essential to consult a professional dentist before making any decisions.

There are four main types available as explained below;

  1. Amalgam filling:

The Amalgam filling is made from a couple of materials, but the main component is Mercury. This type of filling is mostly used for the molar and premolar teeth and can last up to seven years if proper care is taken. Some ups of this type of filling are that it’s long lasting and strong since it can withstand extensive chewing. It’s also the most affordable types of filling available. The major downside of this type of dental filling is the fact that its color disrupts the uniformity of the natural teeth.

  1. Composite resin filling:

The Composite resin filling is made from an intricate mixture of tiny glass and plastic particles. It has a lifespan of up to five years as reported by most patients. Regardless of the fact that it’s more costly than the Amalgam filling, it’s less expensive than all the other remaining options. Some advantages the resin filling include: less drilling of the tooth to smoothly fit and bond the filling, plus the fact that it can be tinted to appear natural like your natural teeth color. The main demerit is that it sometimes shrinks leaving the patients teeth susceptible to cavities.

  1. Cast gold fillings:

Another popular type of dental filling is the Cast gold fillings. They are made of gold alloy and have a lifespan of more than seven years. This type is very strong and durable against chewing and some people even find the gold appearance a bit prestigious. But all this prestige comes at a hefty cost since this is an expensive option and costs about 10 times more than the Amalgam filling. It does, however, have a downside too. Installing this type of filling is requires multiple visits to your dentist before the filling process is finished. Of course this, in turn, will add some additional costs to the process.

  1. Gold foil fillings:

Gold foil fillings are yet another choice for gold fanatics. They are made from pure gold and last at least a decade and a half (up to 15 years). Sadly, they aren’t used in large fillings or other cases those that will be subjected to extensive chewing. This is the only type of filling that requires the dentist to have extra training and experience to be able to place the dental filling correctly. If it’s not done in the right way, it may result in the future tooth or gum complications.

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