Root Canal Treatment in Tijuana


Instead of tooth or teeth extractions are quite ill or infected; DENTISTS prefer to use all possible modern techniques to save them. It is precisely the ENDODONCY specialty of dentistry that is responsible for curing these diseased teeth to keep them in the mouth using a special procedure.

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics or root canal is a procedure whereby the pulp of a tooth affected, damaged or dead is removed and the tube is sealed. The pulp is deep in the tooth and contains blood vessels and nerves, reaching the central part of the tooth root and communicating with the jawbone.

How successful are the Root Canal?

It has been shown through research that has about 95% success, which can be considered quite high.

Will the root canal treatment hurt?

A Root Canal treatment (endodontics) may involve some discomfort during the test so it is recommended to be relaxed for the anesthesia that takes effect quickly and does not bother.

It is common after a Root Canal for your tooth to be temporarily sensitive when chewing; it is a period of adjustment, so it is advised not to crush hard food, even by the ones that have not been restored by your dentist.