Dental Veneers in Tijuana

dental veneers in tijuanaA dental veneer is a thin layer of porcelain designed to perfectly fit over the front surface of a tooth in order to improve its color and shape. Special dental veneers can also be made to make a chipped or broken tooth look intact by covering it with a thicker section replacing the broken part.

Dental veneers in Tijuana are a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure because it is an affordable and quick solution for people who suffer tooth discoloration, damage or gaps between teeth. As a result they can get their smile back and improve their overall look in a couple of days.

They not only look like natural teeth, but they also require very little tooth preparation. Usually two visits to your Tijuana dentist are enough to complete the entire procedure. In the first visit your dentist will prepare the tooth and he will match the shade of the color. In the second visit the veneer is fitted and strongly bonded to your tooth using a special dental material similar to super glue.

Dental veneers are made to last a long time, but just as regular teeth, the can break or chip. In those cases, veneers can be fixed or completely replaced. Also, they require regular cleaning, just like your normal teeth. So brushing and flossing is important.

If you are looking to improve your smile, dental veneers in Tijuana could be a viable solution. Call us today to schedule a visit so a dental professional can guide you and answer all the question you may have about this dental procedure, as well as to discuss treatment alternatives.