Dental Extractions in Tijuana

dental extractions in tijuanaDental extractions involves removing a tooth from its socket in the jaw bone. Of course, before a procedure like this takes place your Tijuana dentist will do every effort to try to repair and restore your natural tooth. However, sometimes a extractions are necessary.

There are several situations where a dental extraction may be required. For example, some teeth may have such extensive decay or damage, that repair is not possible and extraction is the only solution. Teeth with bad positioning or alignment can cause complications that will impact oral health in a negative way, so in cases like this removing teeth is recommended. Also, when an orthodontic treatment is going to be performed, a dental extraction may be required to make space for teeth alignment.

Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common extractions performed. Your Tijuana dentist may recommend removing wisdom teeth (third molars) before they are fully developed to help eliminate potential future complications. One common problem is the development of an impacted tooth that has surfaced and has no room in the mouth to grow. In cases like this, dental extraction is the best and only solution.

Want to know if you need a dental extraction? Call your Tijuana dentist to schedule a visit so he can assess your situation and suggest the proper treatment for your dental needs.