Dental Cleaning in Tijuana

Limpieza Dental

What is deep cleaning or curettage?

Dental curettage basically involves scraping the surfaces of the roots of the teeth made with instruments called scalers. This aim scraping removes tartar that accumulates on the surfaces, for then to isolate them and free them of impurities.

Why is the deep cleaning needed?

Periodontal disease affects the supporting structures of the tooth and it will start to move as the damage progresses. The problem with periodontitis is that often symptoms do not appear until the situation is really severe. Unfortunately, the damage to the structures that support the teeth is difficult to reverse. The good news is that if we catch the disease early, its progression can be halted and in some cases we can improve it.

Curettage, is it painful?

Depending on the depth of periodontal pockets, the amount of plaque accumulated on the surface of the root and the patient’s sensitivity may need professional anesthetize the area to make the process less annoying.