dental tourism in mexico

Why is Dental Tourism Becoming so Popular?

dental tourism in tijuana mexicoDental Tourism has become very popular around the world, but why? The answer is simple… the high cost of dental care in the US.

Nowadays everyone is focused on saving money. From gas and electric, to medical bills and taxes, the cost of living in the USA is going up at an accelerated rate.

The dental industry is not an exception to this. The costs for dental treatments in the US have gone up dramatically to the point where a lot people, even with health/dental insurance, can’t cover the associated costs of a visit to the dental office. Sometimes several family members need dental treatments, so this becomes a bigger toll for the family budget. Because of this, patients with dental needs are looking for options outside the USA. Thanks to its proximity, Mexico is one of the best destinations for Dental Tourism.

Thanks to its proximity with the USA, Dentists in Mexico are able to acquire the latest technology and equipment, as well as the best training and certifications. As a result, dentist in Mexico are able to offer high quality services, at affordable prices.

Tijuana is one of the most popular cities for dental tourism in Mexico. It has some of the most talented dentists in Mexico. As we mentioned at the start, the biggest reason for the growing popularity of dental tourism is the cost. At Tijuana Dental Studio you can expect to save about 70% of what you would pay to a US dentist. Even with the cost of travel and lodging, you can still save a lot of many.

Getting to our Tijuana Dental Office is really easy. You can drive or walk across the border, and if you call to schedule an appointment, one of our friendly coordinators can help plan your transportation and lodging needs, in case you need to stay for several days. Think of it as a mini vacation for dental health, at an affordable price.

No matter what your dental needs are, Tijuana Dental Studio is your best option destination for dental tourism in Mexico.