Why Choose a Dentist in Tijuana?

Why Choose a Dentist in Tijuana?

For many years Tijuana has been well known by one of the most important cities in the north of the country, due in part to its proximity to major U.S. cities like San Diego and Los Angeles, which have the largest number of Hispanics who see in the city of Tijuana a place where they can come and enjoy a number of attractions and services that are significantly cheaper than in the US.

Such is the case of Medical and Dental Tourism in Tijuana which makes us be the number one city in this type nationwide.

The closeness with the nearby country has brought this border a lot of technological and scientific systems, which have been well capitalized by some dentists in Tijuana, using this cumulus of knowledge and skills to provide high quality dental treatments .

Importantly, Tijuana has a large number of colleges and dental associations that award dental conferences internationally to dentists in the city, which keeps up to date these oral health care professionals .

My personal suggestion is that people seeking for high quality Dental Services in Tijuana, if your doctor attends and participates in some of these associations.

Another point to note is the language barrier, many patients like to have medical and dental care in their native language, and the warmth of care you have on this side of the border.

Perhaps the most important reason why you should choose a dentist in Tijuana will be the economic issue, you could save up to 70% more than in the US.

If you are thinking about choosing a Dentist in Tijuana that can give you the best services at low prices, contact us to make an appointment by phone from the US (619)955-6901 or Mexico 664-206-9979.

We have Dentists and Specialists certified by the most important dental associations.