When a Dental Filling is Needed

When a Dental Filling is Needed

Cavities form when a tooth decays. If the tooth remains untreated, the decay would penetrate deeper inside. This can cause great discomfort and severe tooth pain as more food gets trapped in the decaying tooth. The infection can spread further leading to loss of a tooth which can be an expensive and complicated remedy. It is therefore imperative to stop tooth decay immediately it is noted.

One should regularly visit a dentist since not all teeth decay and cavity problems result to pain immediately. A dentist checks and examines the teeth and take X-rays if necessary. The dentist may then recommend dental filling which is an effective and time tested method to prevent tooth decay from doing more damage. As the name suggest, dental filling seals up the hole created by the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Tijuana Dental filling decreases tooth sensitivity, improves your bite and chewing and can help in realigning your jaw.

Prior to visiting a dentist you may experience and/or notice some signs and symptoms that imply that you need dental filling. Symptoms you might experience include; toothache, pain when biting or chewing, sharp or agonizing pain and sensitivity to hot, cold and sweet things. On the other hand the signs you may notice include; a visible hole (dark spot) and food will get stuck in the particular tooth. Such tooth might also be rough and fractured or chipped. Furthermore, In case you had a dental filling earlier, you may notice that the filling is lost or broken.

If a Tijuana dentist recommends dental filling to cure cavity problems, it is important to ask him/her the kind of filling to be used. The fillings could be amalgam or tooth colored. Amalgam fillings are made of variety of metals such as copper, mercury, tin and silver. They are durable and more appropriate in back of the mouth because of their color. Tooth colored fillings have the color of the teeth and are therefore appropriate in visible position such the front teeth.

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