What you Need to Ask to Maintain a Healthy Smile

What you Need to Ask to Maintain a Healthy Smile

ask-dentistGoing to the dentist is not just one more thing to do every six months. It is the perfect time to find out how’s your oral health, and learn how you can enhance it. If you take into account that your oral health also impacts your overall well being, then its even more important you find out all you need to. The only way yo really know what’s going on, is by asking your Tijuana dentist. We may not always feel comfortable asking questions, but it is important to do so when you are at your dentist’s office.

To help you out, here are some important questions you need to remember to ask the next time you are at the dentist chair.

How would you rate my dental health?

It’s possible you’ll be happy to get out of your dentist’s office without a cavity, however that does not imply your mouth is perfect shape. Even if you’re doing a reasonably good job taking good care of your mouth, there could also be small issues your dentist would suggest to ensure you’re in good condition the next time you walk in for an appointment.

Ask your dentist to contemplate your age, dental history and any indicators of potential problem areas as a method of grading your dental well being. Chances are high you are not doing every little thing perfect, so take his or her observations as motivation to maintain your mouth healthy.

Should I make adjustments to my food regimen?

Regardless of how good a job you probably did brushing and flossing before the appointment, your dentists could have a good idea of what you eat by inspecting your mouth. Your love for soda and candy may be affecting your teeth, which can imply severe dental harm later on. If you can save yourself from painful tooth ache in the future by adjusting your diet, you will want to learn about it.

How can I improve my daily dental routine?

We all brush and floss our teeth every single day, or at least we claim to do it. Be honest with your dentists, and talk about this. Tell him what your current dental hygiene routine is, ask him to recommend a change you may do to better care for your mouth. Maybe it will be the way you brush or the flossing technique. Maybe it will be a change of product or brand. Whatever it is, follow your dentists advice, he knows best.

Is there something I should tell my doctor?

Your mouth is a reflection of your overall health. There are many medical conditions that can be identified in your oral health. Some symptoms may show first in your mouth, than in other places. So when you go to your dentist for a checkup, cleaning or any other procedure, ask him if he notices anything your doctor should know about.

What can you do to improve my oral health?

Your dentist in Tijuana is the perfect person to guide you on the path to good dental health. From professional dental cleanings, to advanced procedures like root canals and dental implants, at Tijuana Dental Studio we can help you have an amazing healthy smile, without breaking the bank. Call us today to schedule your upcoming appointment!