What to Expect After a Root Canal Procedure

What to Expect After a Root Canal Procedure

Root canal treatment offers the last resort to save a damaged or infected tooth. It is also referred to as endodontic therapy and it entails cleaning out of substances from the infected pulp and refilling the cavity with a protective material that will prevent your tooth from further decay. Root canal procedure has four main steps; x-ray is taken to determine the extent of decay, anesthesia is administered, pulpectomy is carried out and finally filling is done. Most people shy away from the treatment due to the misconceptions that one will experience a lot of pain after the procedure. That said you can expect some mild discomfort as well as the following:

1. Tenderness, Sensitivity and pain
Some patients may experience discomfort; this may be caused by a few reasons. The gums surrounding the tooth may be tender as well as the tooth itself. Pain experienced after the treatment is usually as a result of inflammation of the surrounding tissues. The infection may also play a huge role towards the discomfort. Not to worry as the dentist will prescribe over the counter antibiotics. Those mostly have anti-inflammatory attributes and will ease the pain.

2. Numbness
The anesthetic used takes some time to wear off thus your mouth and lips remain numb for a couple of hours. As frustrating as this may be it is recommended that you exercise patience also you can attempt to eat until the numbness goes away.

3. Improved Health
With the infected pulp out, your tooth will continue to improve given you take good care of it. Your teeth will be healthy and pain-free after the mild side effects disappear.

Additionally, the root canal dentist in Tijuana will instruct you to follow a few post-treatment care routines such as:

– Avoid crunchy/hard foods as they may damage the canal
– Brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly
– Maintain regular visits to your dentist so as to monitor the healing of the tooth

With good oral hygiene, root canal procedure offers a permanent solution to tooth decay.

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