Tooth Bonding To Enhance Your Smile

Tooth Bonding To Enhance Your Smile

For people who have less than one hundred percent confidence when it comes to showing off their whites and smiling, tooth bonding is the dental procedure that should be considered. This process addresses a lot of dental concerns especially if you are always hesitant to smile because of a compromised confidence on your chipped or discolored set of teeth. You can have a natural looking and aesthetically pleasing set of teeth after having this process.

If you are interested in having this dental procedure, you may discuss your concerns with your Tijuana dentist and learn more about the options available for you. Bonding can help you solve smile-inhibitors that you may have such as trauma to your mouth or chipped and broken teeth. This process is also effective for those who have cavities, who don’t want fillings, those who have receding gum lines, those who have mini gaps and those with discolored teeth. Cosmetic dental practitioners will be able to fill you with details and answer your queries about the process. You may also ask for some before-and-after photos of patients who had the same process that you are interested in having.

This process is a great advancement in cosmetic dental procedures. Years ago, only silver fillings are made and this is a very invasive process which requires taking off much of the tooth to keep the filling from falling out. This new process of tooth bonding is a conservative procedure which requires lesser amounts of tooth structure to be removed. New dental material is used and the process makes it easier for the material to adhere to the surface of the teeth.

This dental process is considered a high-tech method of cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana Mexico as it involves different other methods to perfectly repair your damaged teeth. Then a composite resin material which is available in different shades will be used to match your teeth color and will then be used to fill in your damaged teeth.

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