Time to Clean (or Replace) your Toothbrush

Time to Clean (or Replace) your Toothbrush

toothbrushWe know we have to brush daily, and not just once. Most of us brush our teeth at least twice a day, if not more. That means that if you are using it as often as you should, your friendly tooth brush should be taking quit a beating day in and day out. Also, if you take into account that most people store toothbrushes in the bathroom, where there is a huge potential for bacterial infection (let’s not go into that, but you know what we mean), as well as the constant moisture from the warm showers family members take, there is a big chance that your toothbrush needs some kind of cleaning, maybe even replacement.

But, what if you don’t? Is there a risk to get sick from using that old toothbrush? For example, can you get sick from brushing with the same toothbrush you used while you had a cold or the flu? Well, not likely. This is because once you’re over the cold or flu, your organism has the antibodies needed to fight off the same infection. In other words, you can’t get sick from the same thing right after you just recovered. But just in case, if you are sick, make sure you rinse your toothbrush and dry it up. Actually, you should do that even if you are not sick.

Other peoples brushes.

What you really must avoid is using someone else’s toothbrush. That’s because whatever bacteria there is in their toothbrush, it will have the potential to infect you because you don’t have the antibodies they have. Also, even if they don’t have a cold or the flu or something like that, you still could get infected if they have dental caries or tooth decay. So the rule is simple. Stay away from other people’s toothbrushes, keep people away from your toothbrush.

The fact of the matter is that bacteria can live for a long time, basically anywhere, including your toothbrush. So always make sure your rinse it after using it, remove any stuck left overs it may have, any toothpaste debris, and leave it drying upright, in the open. Never ever keep in somewhere enclosed, like a cabinet, plastic container, zip-lock bag or wrapped in paper. Those enclosed places are breading grounds for bacteria.

Replace it.

Even if you follow the above recommendations, in time, your toothbrush will end it’s life cycle and it won’t be very healthy to keep it along. When the time arrives, say goodbye, and replace it.

If you take care of your toothbrush and replace it when it has to be replaced, it will take care of your teeth. Did you know that your dentist in Tijuana can also take care of your teeth? Call us today to schedule your dental cleaning in Tijuana, and let a professional dentists make sure your oral health is in top shape.