The Importance of Treating Periodontal Disease

The Importance of Treating Periodontal Disease

periodontal-disease-tijuanaCurrent research has proven that the health consequences of gum disease are perhaps far more severe than previously believed. Certain strains of bacteria present in uncared for gum tissue have been linked to an elevated threat of heart attack, diabetes, and even bad pregnancy outcomes.

Gingivitis is the onset of periodontal disease in its mildest form. Most individuals learn from their dentist at a young age what gingivitis is and the way to know if they have it. Gums which are slightly red, swollen, or bloody are sometimes an indicator of insufficient oral hygiene and gingivitis. Improved oral hygiene together with periodontal treatments can often reverse gingivitis before it becomes a bigger problem

Periodontitis is what happens when gingivitis advances to a critical point. Bacteria in plaque cause the gums surrounding the affected teeth to become inflamed. The bacteria creates pockets where even more bacteria is able to develop, and deeper pockets lead to further destruction of gum and bone tissue. Although periodontal disease is often avoidable with correct brushing and flossing, at later phases it might not possible to avoid losing teeth. Worse yet, the pockets of bacteria that are formed have the potential to create even more dangerous strains which can be associated with coronary disease.

One of the best methods of treating periodontal disease is to prevent it from reaching the point where it can turn difficult to control and treat. Should you experience bleeding gums while flossing, don’t just ignore it, because it can turn into a really big problem for your teeth and your overall health. If you notice an symptoms like this, call Tijuana Dental Studio to schedule your appointment, and one of expert dentists in Tijuana will assess your specific oral health situation, and recommend the most effective treatment.

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