The Basics About Root Canals in Tijuana

The Basics About Root Canals in Tijuana

root-canal-tijuanaRoot canal, or endodontics, is a treatment used to repair and save teeth that are badly decayed or that get infected. During the root canal procedure, the pulp and nerve are both removed after which the inside of the infected teeth gets cleaned and sealed. Root canal treatment prevents the tissue surrounding the infected tooth from getting infected and forming abscesses.

The Procedure

  1. A deep tooth infection root canal treatment is only necessary when a large cavity or an injury damages the root of the tooth. The root gets infected or inflamed.
  2. The dentist starts by numbing the tooth. He then makes an opening through the crown of your tooth towards the pulp chamber.
  3. Special files will then be used to clean up your infection and the unhealthy pulp is removed from the canals. Your mexico dentist then shapes the canal accordingly for the filling material. He uses Irrigation to help in cleaning the canals and removing debris.
  4. The canal is filled with permanent material. This is typically done with a material commonly known as gutta-percha. This aids to keep the canal free of contamination or infection.
  5. The dentist then places a temporary filling material on top of the gutta-percha as the seal to the opening. This filling will remain till the tooth receives a crown or a permanent filling. A Tijuana crown, sometimes referred to as a cap, looks just like a natural tooth. It’s placed right over the top of your tooth.
  6. In certain cases, posts are placed into the root right next to the gutta-percha to give extra support to the crown.
  7. The crown is finally cemented into place.


It is of utmost importance that you take good care for your teeth while it recovers from the root canal treatment. In many cases, it is possible to prevent the necessity for further root canal treatments by:

  • Avoiding biting on hard foods till the treatment is complete.
  • Maintaining proper oral hygiene.
  • Avoiding too much sugary foods.
  • Giving up on smoking (in case you smoke).

At Tijuana Dental Studio we are experts in Root Canal Therapy. Dr Mario Lamas, our Root Canal Specialist, has over a decade of experience, and performs over 1000 root canals in Tijuana per year. Call us today to schedule your appointment!