The Basics about Dental Cleaning in Tijuana

The Basics about Dental Cleaning in Tijuana

family-dental-tijuanaRoutine dental cleaning is a vital part of dental care. Dental cleaning involves removal of plaque (soft, sticky, bacteria-infested film) and tartar deposits that built up over the teeth over a long time. Our teeth are bathed continually in saliva containing calcium and other substances which aid in strengthening and protecting them. This leads to the build-up of calcium deposits over the teeth.

If the calcium scale is left to accumulate over the teeth, it will provide the optimum conditions for thriving of bacteria next to your gums. Dental cleaning basically leaves the teeth surfaces clean and smooth so that such bacteria is unable to stick.

How is dental cleaning in Tijuana done?

Typical dental cleaning visit include an exam and professional cleaning, topical fluoride or set of X-rays, all depending on the last dental visit and personal dental care needs. Dentists use specialized instruments for dental cleaning procedures to make sure they gently remove the deposits without causing harm to the teeth. Such instruments include;

· Ultrasonic instrument-this uses tickling vibrations which knock large pieces of tartar loose. It then sprays a cooling mist of water which washes away debris and aids keeping the area at the right temperature.

· Fine hand tools-Once the large pieces of tartar are gone, the dentist switches to finer hand tools (called curettes and scalers) to remove small deposits. These also serve to smoothen the surfaces of the teeth.

· Polishing-Once all the tooth surfaces are smooth, the dentist may polish the teeth. Polishing is done with a slow-speed hand piece.

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