Smile Wide with Dental Veneers

Smile Wide with Dental Veneers

The popularity of dental veneers has risen astronomically in recent years. More people have begun to harness the power of this procedure and have subsequently been able to garner beautiful smiles. The number of dental practices offering this procedure has also skyrocketed to answer the growing demand. Veneers have been made extremely accessible thanks to the financing options offered by many practices. In chase of a celebrity smile, many people have run into questions regarding this procedure. These questions will be touched on below.

Dental veneers are thin wafers of porcelain/composite material that are custom-fabricated for a person’s teeth. Before veneers are outfitted on a patient, his/her teeth are properly prepared. Of the two variations of veneers, composite veneers tend to be more inexpensive. Since they can be fabricated within the cosmetic dentist’s office (without the assistance of a dental lab) and utilize cheaper materials, they are a popular option for those with limited financial means. Although porcelain veneers do carry a larger price tag, they are usually more durable and enjoy a longer lifespan. Those looking for an alternative to traditional veneers might consider Lumineers. These veneers are far thinner their traditional veneers and require reduced amounts of prep work. Since not all dentists provide Lumineers, you will have to conduct additional research in tracking a provider down.

Many patients enjoy their first set of porcelain veneers for ten years or more. This is dependent on a variety of factors, however, most predominant being the patient’s oral hygiene.

Veneers can be used to mask a plethora of dental issues. Discoloration, gaps, and chips can all be hidden away using veneers. Since a patient’s existing teeth are reshaped to allow for installation of the veneers, their new set of teeth look natural. The transparent nature of veneers also creates a very legitimate look. Not all patients qualify for veneers. Some doctors may recommend alternative courses of treatment for patients who lack sufficient reason in obtaining this procedure. Since preparation work completed on the teeth during this procedure is irreversible, dentists will think carefully before recommending veneers.

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