Signs that you need your wisdom tooth removed

Signs that you need your wisdom tooth removed

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been to the dentist and at the end of every appointment he says, “eh, your wisdom teeth look okay but you might have to get them out in the future. Why don’t we just do it now?”

To which I always say, “no thanks” because that sounds like a lot of unnecessary pain. But a lot of graduating high school and college students are getting their wisdom teeth out while they still have their parents’ insurance. So when is your dentist trying to over-charge you and when do you really need to think about removal?

Well, there is such a thing as preventive medicine. As you age, the bones in your mouth get harder, making everything tougher to remove. So if there’s something wrong or stuck or impacted, then it’s going to hurt more to do something about it later.

If your dentist mentions any of the following to you, then it’s best to go with their recommendation and get your wisdom teeth removed: If there’s damage to other teeth, damage to the jaw, sinus problems, persistent headaches, cavities, or inflamed gums, do what the doctor orders and get your wisdom teeth out.

On the other hand, they may not need to come out if they’re grown in completely, perfectly aligned, healthy, and able to be cleaned.

Sometimes wisdom teeth are helpful, but more often than not they need professional care or removal. The bottom line is, they’re usually more of a hassle to keep in your mouth then pull out.

So if you have bad breath or persistent pain, go to your dentist in Tijuana and listen to what he has to say. Remember, they have your best interest at heart, and that chronic pain you’ve gotten used to doesn’t need to stay with you your whole life. Learn the signs and get your wisdom teeth out while you’re young. It’ll make you, and your dentist, happy.

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