Say Goodbye to Root Infection

Say Goodbye to Root Infection

root canal treatment in tijuana mexicoIt does not matter if it’s so-so or of it’s rally bad, living in constant pain is not something we would like to experience. Tooth pain is known to be one of the worst types of pain someone can have.

One of the most common causes of tooth pain, and also one of the most painful, have to do with root infections, that not only cause pain, but if left untreated they could even cause teeth loss. In cases like this, Root Canal Treatment in Tijuana may be the solution.

A root canal is required when bacteria has infected your tooth’s pulp, usually due to an untreated cavity. When the harmful bacterium reaches the pulp, the result is pain and pressure, and it only gets worse over time. If left untreated, the bacteria in your mouth could enter your blood stream, thus putting other areas and systems of your body in serious health risk. A few signs that indicate that you may need root canal therapy are tooth pain and sensitivity, tenderness, and discoloration of the tooth.

Root canal therapy is a simple procedure with highly effective and relieving results. Your Tijuana dentist will treat the infected tooth by removing the damaged pulp. After that, he will fill the tooth with a bio-compatible material. Depending on the strength of your tooth, he may put a crown on top of your tooth, so it is protected from further harm and preventing bacteria from entering the tooth once again.

Does this sound like something you need? Well, call us today to schedule an appointment, and Dr Mario Lamas, our Root Canal Specialist will assess your specific situation. He has performed over a 1000 endodontic treatments with an astonishing success rate.

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