Save your Teeth with the Help of these 4 Foods

Save your Teeth with the Help of these 4 Foods

cheeseWhat you eat and how much you eat of it, are significant factors within the ongoing battle to stop tooth decay. Excessive levels of sugar or comparable carbohydrates in your food regimen may encourage the growth of bacteria that trigger tooth decay. Drinking acidic drinks like sodas or sports beverages on a regular basis, can result in enamel erosion.

You might be well aware of the sorts of foods that contribute to tooth decay. However do you know some foods can really shield us from this damaging disease? Listed below are four types of foods that are believed to help avoid tooth decay.

Cheese. This food made out of milk is rich in calcium and has a stimulating impact on saliva. By consuming a bit of cheese after a sugary snack, the rise in saliva might help neutralize the acid produced by the bacteria feeding on the sugar; the added calcium will even strengthen tooth enamel.

Fibrous plants. Beans, peanuts and leafy vegetables are rich in fiber and some of them require a lot of chewing. This in stimulates saliva flow, which as previously noted helps to neutralize high levels of acid.

Black and green teas. Drinks brewed from these plants are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, offering an antioxidant effect on cells. Black tea additionally contains fluoride, which helps strengthen tooth enamel.

Chocolate. There’s some proof that cocoa (from which chocolate is derived) could have some properties that inhibit tooth decay. However there’s a catch — this proof is for unrefined cocoa, with out the addition of any sugar. The excessive ranges of sugar in processed chocolate have a contrary effect on this benefit.

Of course, any of these and comparable foods (like cow’s milk) ought to be considered complements to a complete prevention strategy that includes every day oral hygiene, limits on sugar and acidic food consumption and common dental cleanings and checkups.

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