Root Canal Treatment at Tijuana Dental Studio

Root Canal Treatment at Tijuana Dental Studio

Have you had dental pain? Have you been taking medications that only relieves the pain temporarily?

You probably already have pulp damage. The pulp of the tooth is a tissue that gives it vitality; it’s formed by vessels, nerves and it’s placed inside the tooth throughout its entire structure: root and crown.

In the presence of a deep cavity that already affects the pulp tissue it will be necessary to remove the pulp, to properly clean the channels in which the pulp is housed and to seal (fill) these canals with a special material. This is called endodontic treatment or root canal therapy.

A root canal is also performed if there is any infection.

The root canal therapy in Tijuana is done in order to preserve the tooth so we can avoid an extraction and premature teeth loss that would lead to a modification to the entire denture.

Before coming to the dentist in Tijuana we recommend you to make sure that this root canal treatment is performed by a professional specialist experienced to perform this procedure.

At Tijuana Dental Studio we have a specialist that meets these requirements, so you will be assured of being attended by a highly qualified root canal specialist in Tijuana Mexico.