Poor Dental Habits

Poor Dental Habits

Maintaining good oral hygiene is very important in order to prevent various gum diseases or dental decay. These infections, dental problems or decay may ultimately lead to complete tooth loss that needs to be restored by any of the possible restorations methods.

New dentures provide wonderful options to patients to get false teeth in the form of prosthetic devices. However, minor problems like misalignment of teeth can be corrected by metal or invisible Braces.

Tooth loss

Tooth loss is a procedure in which tooth/teeth come loose and fall out making a gap. Although, baby teeth are replaced easily by adult teeth, falling of adult teeth gives a permanent gap that can be filled only by artificial means. Therefore, losing teeth is undesirable but can never be ignored during tooth injury, gum disease, mouth trauma or tooth decay. In this case, the person can become toothless and such condition is called edentulism.

Conditions like gum diseases or tooth decay are preventable as these are related to oral hygiene and hence, by practicing good oral hygiene one can save teeth from multiple damages. However, the trauma or accidental tooth-loss can be prevented to some extent by wearing mouth-guard or helmet. Contact sports are known to give mouth trauma and hence, tooth injury. Football, hockey, martial arts, baseball etc. are some of the sports which can injure your teeth.

Poor eating habits or nutrition is yet another factor that can generate the need for dental emergencies. Consuming food with lots of sugar, acid or carbohydrate can damage the tooth and gums. Also, it is often the main cause of dental decay in some of the patients.

Poor habits are also responsible in some of the people for this loss. Bruxism or tooth grinding can be seen commonly in some children as well as adults. Grinding can shorted the teeth or may also lead to cracking or fracturing. Other habits that can be destructive are drinking, smoking or chewing tobacco.

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