My wisdom teeth get hurt, what should I do?

My wisdom teeth get hurt, what should I do?

Many people have been asking the question: If my wisdom teeth hurt, what should I do? Of course, the answer must be seeing your Mexico dentist for treatment.

But firstly, we can do somethings to relief the pain .We can simply mix a cup of boiled and clean cold water with salt and rinse our teeth. This can help relief the pain. Then, we can use teeth gel for sensitive teeth and paste it at the infected gum so as to make me feel comfortable. Furthermore, we can use some traditional method such as using some clove oil and put it to the infected area can also be helpful.

Then why we still need to see the dentist immediately? This is because there are many past cases like this. When the wisdom start getting pain or hurt, it is likely that our wisdom teeth has been infected and the wisdom teeth cannot well joint with the jar bone. Then the wisdom teeth will usually be very close to the adjacent teeth and easily causing cavity to the teeth. This can lead to the very poor condition that we will not just lose our wisdom teeth, but also more of our normal teeth.

Besides, when we feel the wisdom teeth get hurt, usually there is a cyst exists that can eat away our jaw bone which cause the situation worsen. In addition, as the jar bone does not match the wisdom teeth, then they usually cannot attach the the gum very well. This will help for the bacteria growth and serious infection can arise easily. We will then feel more and more painful if no treatment is provided. It may cause losing many teeth and even death if infection is too serious without treatment. Therefore, in most of the cases,the wisdom teeth needed to be removed.

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