Make a First Bright Impression

Make a First Bright Impression

smile-interview“First impressions are always the most important”

We’ve all heard that one before, right? And there’s a reason why it’s such a known an popular saying… because it’s true!

It’s human nature to judge people by the first encounter we have with them. It may not be fair, but it is what it is. The good thing is, that in most cases, if for some reason we did not show our best first impression, we usually have a chance to make it up. If you meet the in-laws for the first time, and things did not go well, you will have other chances to interact with them and do it right. Same thing when you moved in to a new neighborhood, maybe with all the moving hassles you did not give the best first impression to the neighbors, but you have the opportunity to do so later on.

Unfortunately, there is one situation where the saying “first impressions are always the most important” is so true, that it can even turn into “first impressions are always the last impressions”, because you won’t have a chance to do it again or to try to make it up. Do you know what it is? Yes, job interviews.

If a job interview goes bad, in other words, if you don’t give your best first impression, most likely, you won’t have a chance to try again. It’s just game over.

That’s why it is so important to be more than ready and prepared when you are going to have a job interview. And one of the ways to prepare, other than having your resume ready and updated, is to show off your best possible smile.

Human Resources experts agree: if you’re not smiling at all during your job interview, you may as well stay home. So if you really want that job, do something to make your smile look extra nice, like scheduling a visit with your Tijuana Dentist to have a teeth whitening procedure done.

A bright smile and a good resume are the secret to landing that new job, so call us today!