Lost a Tooth? Dental Bridges to the Rescue!

Lost a Tooth? Dental Bridges to the Rescue!

Dental Bridges in Tijuana MexicoHas life been so rough on you that now you are missing some of your teeth? Do you have gaps in your smile? Well there is no need to worry anymore! Technology has come a long way, and now dental bridges have become an affordable option for you. A dental bridge is a prosthetic made into the shape of a tooth with the purpose of filling in gaps to make your smile shine.

Anyone who has lost even one tooth is a candidate for getting dental bridges. The idea of oral surgery scares a lot of people, that’s why dental bridges make a perfect alternative to surgery. The placement of the bridge requires no oral surgery! Doesn’t get better than that! There are many benefits to Dental bridges such as, it will prevent all other teeth form shifting around, can protect you from TMJ disorder, makes it easier to chew your food, increases both comfort and appearance and so much more. It also is a great way to give you a confidence boost; after all you would have a great smile. If you are worried about them not lasting to long, don’t be! Dental bridges are known to have a lifespan longer than ten years.

The majority of patients prefer dental bridges over dental dentures or dental implants. One, dental implants cost so much more than bridges; two, they can take up to six months to be fully installed and functional; and three, many customers have claimed that dentures and implants are just not that comfortable compared to bridges.

The actual cost of a dental bridge in Tijuana is not set. It all comes to a variety of factors such as, the type of material that was used to make it, where it was made, how long the procedure would take, and how much experience your dentists has. The best way to get an estimated cost is to call your Tijuana Dentist to setup an appointment. You can be sure that getting your dental bridges at Tijuana Dental Studio will be much more affordable than having them done in the US.

There is no reason for you not to go out with your friends with confidence. There are so many options now days that getting your smile back has become both affordable and easy, so call us at (619) 955-6901 to schedule an appointment so your smile can shine your life once again!