Loose dentures? Your Tijuana Dentist Can Help

Loose dentures? Your Tijuana Dentist Can Help

The reasons why people wear dentures are as varied as there are many mouths wearing dentures. Once you have Tijuana dentures fixed in your mouth, there is no turning back. The best you can do is to upgrade to implants – that if the budget allows. In essence, life changes forever and it’s upon upon you to bear the experience and wear your dentures with honor.

Just like a toddler learns how to crawl; it’s your turn to so, if you want talk, smile, sneeze and chew appropriately. This is the hard process. In essence, the harder process starts when your dentures become an embarrassment. This is when the dentures start to fall when you talk and make funny clacking noises. Tragedy happens when the damn dentures start to move when you eat and food particles get stuck under them. When this happens, gum tissues get bruised and sometimes you end up with sore blisters that might last for a few days. Truly, the wearer of the denture knows where they hurt most!

When this happens, it simply means that your jawbone and gums have shrunk considerably. For some people, the process kicks in only a few months while for others, it might take after some years. Day in day out, your dentures become looser and looser and more inconvenient if not uncomfortable. Life becomes almost unbearable. It’s time to visit your Tijuana dentist once again, because if you don’t swallowing big lumps of food becomes part of your every day diet. The repercussion here is severe stomach upsets and other complications, not to mention the lack of nutrient absorption in your system. It’s time to do something and get your groove back and have your denture fit more comfortably, chew more conveniently and make your smile sparkle.

The best way to overcome most of these problems is to find ways and means to fill the space between the denture and the gums. In dentistry parlance, the “fillers” are specially known as denture re-liners. These re-liners come in two shapes; the circular shape and the pre-formed denture liners, shaped in wearer’s choice of upper and lower dentures. These set of re-liners are not only soft, moldable, but can also don’t require any mixing. In addition, they are easy to remove and clean, ready for re-use.

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