Is A Root Canal Painful?

Is A Root Canal Painful?

Known as one of the most feared types of dental procedures, numerous people avoid the dentist because they are afraid they may hear the words, “You need a root canal.” When a tooth decays, people usually only feel a little discomfort at first. As the decay worsens, so does the pain, manifesting when drinking hot and cold beverages, biting down or chewing food, and even when walking or jogging. Left unchecked, the pain induced due to tooth decay can be quite unbearable.

The cause of the pain is damaged infected tooth nerves inside the dental pulp. The nerves inside the tooth’s pulp can receive damage in some ways. First, bacteria appear when a cavity forms. When permitted to grow, it finally reaches the pulpal nerve. Then, the bacteria induce infection and decay. The secondary way nerves sustain damage at times when both the tooth and the jaw are hit with intense pain. The intensity of the trauma can lead to severe tissue damage, causing it to become infected and in need of instant root canal therapy. This root canal procedure can immediately correct these problems, stopping the pain and preventing the spread of infection.

How Does It Work?
This treatment method starts with the extraction of the crown of the affected root of the tooth by your dentist to gain access to the damaged or infected root canal. Next, the dentist removes the affected tissue then cleans the surrounding area to avoid bacteria contamination. Afterward, the endodontist enlarges and shapes it so the surface will bond to the filling that is placed to stop any reappearing infection. Finally, after the canal is filled up, a new crown is put inside to seal your tooth.

Misconceptions About Pain
Many people believe, falsely, that root canal treatment procedure is extremely painful. It is true that years ago the procedure did cause a certain amount of discomfort. That perception of the procedure still exists today, even though it is no longer true. Today, this process is virtually painless. Endodontists are experienced in taking steps to make sure patients experience little discomfort during the procedure.

This procedure is often pain-free and will restore your natural teeth, eliminating infections that can cause a huge amount of damage. If the idea of having the procedure is still a little unsettling, speak with your dentist in Tijuana Mexico for reassurance and deeper understanding of the process.

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