Invisible Brackets: The Secret Behind your Smile

Invisible Brackets: The Secret Behind your Smile

lingual_bracesLingual Orthodontics Tijuana or “Invisible Orthodontics”, just as Conventional Orthodontics techniques looks for the proper alignment and performance of the teeth, but seeks it through and absolutely aesthetic and camouflaged system.

This is an ideal alternative for patients which, by personal taste of because of their professional activities (athletes, models, sales agents, businesswomen or businessmen) demand an absolute aesthetic for the correction of the position of their denture.

What are the benefits of  ARE THE BENEFITS OF Lingual Orthodontics treatment?

Basically aesthetics, as bystanders won’t notice the treatment and the patient will be able to hold social activities normally.

Complementary aesthetic treatments can be done during the treatment, as changing resins or whitening, since this kind of treatment doesn’t interferes the teeth front face.

Clear visualization of the treatment. Since the first days/weeks patients can notice improvement in in the alignment and correction of their teeth, which increases motivation by not having to wait until the end of the treatment to be satisfied with the treatment progress.

Hygiene is facilitated by tongue action, which is not as complicated as the conventional brackets cleanse.

By not treating and working on the font face of the teeth, we make sure that visible decalcification stains after the treatment won’t show up, and if these occur they remain in the not visible part of the teeth.

Lingual Orthodontics has a “ferule effect”, this is useful for patients with issues as temporomandibular articulation pain, opening pain. When performing a small bite opening with balanced contacts, muscle relaxation occurs.

Accidents are avoided, such as injuries by accidental collisions, by reclining the lips over the brackets when sleeping, sports injuries or lips and cheeks ulcers. In this regard lingual brackets injure less and are indicated for contact sports (eg. Martial arts, football, basketball). This treatment doesn’t interferes with the patient social relationships

So now you know, if what you want is to flaunt great smile while your brackets stay unnoticed, you are looking for invisible brackets. At Tijuana Dental Studio we are experts in this and all dental needs you may have. Call us today to schedule your next appointment.