How to know if your child needs braces

How to know if your child needs braces

It is the wish for every parent to keep his or her children happy and healthy. So many children nowadays have braces and one of the many questions you may hear from parents is “How do I know if my child needs braces? “

It is difficult to predict whether your child will need braces or not. The position of children’s primary teeth always don’t indicate the position of the adult teeth and that is why it is recommended that by the age of seven, children be evaluated by an orthodontist.

How can I tell if my child needs braces?

Although you can’t know the answer for this unless you are an orthodontist, there are specific signs that may indicate your child needs Tijuana braces. These include:

1. When having difficulty in chewing or biting – This mostly indicates a difference in the size of the upper and lower jaw.

2. Teeth that are crowded, misplaced or even blocked – It is very normal and healthy for your child to have wide spaces in between his/her primary teeth. When the teeth are crowded or overlapped, it is predictable that the adult teeth will not have enough room to grow properly.

3. Teeth or jaws that are out of proportion compared to the balance of the face – This may lead to an improper conjunction between the upper and lower dentition.

Other signs may include:

4. Having jaws that regularly shift or produce sounds

5. When your child bites the cheek or roof of his/her mouth

6. When your child has teeth that meet abnormally or doesn’t meet at all.

7. Mouth breathing Early or late loss of teeth.

Some children need an orthodontist as early as 5 or 6 years while others can wait until the permanent teeth start coming out. As a parent, if you notice any of these signs, you don’t have to wait until your child reaches the age of seven to see an orthodontist.

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