How to get a perfect smile

How to get a perfect smile

A Smile Makeover

Your smile is a very important part of you. However smartly you may be, your dressing will still be incomplete if you cannot grace it all with a nice smile. This is why scientists and dentists came up with a smile makeover. This is an activity that is aimed at correcting dental faults within your mouth to make your smile look better. These faults can be in terms of uneven spacing between teeth, colored teeth etc. The following are some of the activities that take place during a smile makeover:


Bonding is normally done to deal with dark stains, chips or poor spacing within your teeth. This will help to clean the teeth to make them whiter and bring them close together properly for a perfect smile. In case you have a short smile, the dentist can go ahead and lengthen some of the edges in your teeth to correct this problem.


A Tijuana dental crown is cap that resembles a teeth and is used to replace teeth. Teeth that are normally replaced by these crowns are those that are broken, contain large cavities or are worn out. This crown will be put on top together with a porcelain or any other durable material to bring back your smile. In case you have a missing tooth these crowns can also be used to fill the gap.

Tooth Contouring

You may also have teeth that are crowded at one place or teeth that are uneven or teeth that are slightly crooked. This problem can easily be corrected with some tooth contouring. This involves smoothening out the edges of the teeth to give you a rounded youthful smile.

Dental Implants

People with missing teeth or severely broken or damaged teeth also have a solution for these problems. Even the guys with serious periodontal disease can also use dental implants. Tijuana Dental implants is a permanent surgical procedure that is performed to fill up and replace the missing teeth with dentures. This procedure will fix the problem effectively and give you back your lovely smile.

Gum Lifting

Sometimes your smile may not be right due to the excess or less amount of gums around your mouth. Gum contribute so much in completing your smile. In case of excess gum, a procedure can be done to remove this excess gum and redo the gum line to make your smile be more balanced. In case the gum is too little, they can also take out extra tissues of the gum to use them in correcting the gum line.


Those are the activities that take place during a smile makeover. In case you have any of the above problems there is a solution for you. Don’t settle for that current not-so-good smile if your problem can easily be corrected. Check with a dentist right now and you will be impressed by the positive effect it will have.

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