How to Care for Gums and Teeth When You Have Diabetes

How to Care for Gums and Teeth When You Have Diabetes


Every person has more minute bacteria living in their mouth than the world population. If the bacteria make their home in the gums, it may result in a periodontal disease. The chronic, inflammatory disease may destroy the gums, all tissues which hold the teeth and even bones. Actually, people suffering from diabetes have a higher risk for gum issues due to poor blood sugar control. Just like other infections, severe gum disease may lead to the rise of blood sugar. This makes the control of diabetes more difficult as it leaves an individual prone to infections and less able to combat the bacteria that are invading the gums.


Being able to diagnose the gum disease is very important when it comes to caring for teeth when suffering from diabetes, the following are simple that should help you know the symptoms of gum disease;

• Sore, red and swollen gums

• bleeding gums

• Gums appear to be pulling away from teeth so that the teeth look longer.

• High teeth sensitivity

• Bad breath

• A painful bite which does not feel normal

• Dentures

It is highly advisable to see a periodontist or a dentist promptly in case you have any of the symptoms. It should also be kept in mind that diabetes may cause the gum disease even without symptoms.


If an individual is living with diabetes, and wishes to prevent gum and tooth problems, they should:

· Follow the advice of the doctor about medication and diet to keep the blood sugar levels as close to peak levels as possible.

· Clean the gums and teeth thoroughly twice each day with toothpaste that has fluoride.

· Use inter-dental cleaners or dental floss to clean the teeth every day.

· Make regular visits to your Tijuana dentist for more advice about correct home care, about early intervention and also regular preventive maintenance to ensure the superb health of the gums and teeth. The dentist will definitely want to know the levels of your blood glucose and the medication you are under. This information should be given in adequate detail.

· Avoid a dry mouth – drink a lot of water and also chew sugar-free gum to enhance production of saliva.

· Do not smoke – avoid smoking at all costs.


Caring for teeth and gums when living with diabetes involves high dental hygiene which should be an easy thing to do. It is also very important to be keen on the symptoms and diagnose the infection as soon as possible and then find a dentist. The problem will clear if the simple instructions are followed effectively.

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