How to avoid a yellow smile

How to avoid a yellow smile

Have you ever held yourself back especially when you wanted to laugh out loud or even smile at some one? May be you would have done so due to your yellow teeth? I can assume that you are also among the ones who would love to have an ideal smile showing off those pearly white teeth. Do not perturb, I will tell you how to get in this blog, so keep reading…

Initially let me tell you the causes of yellowing of teeth which are:

· Aging is one of the major reasons for yellow color of teeth

· Intake of tobacco also will lead to discoloring of teeth

· Consumption of food which have high pigments

· Too much of coffee and tea intake

· Not adhering to proper oral cleanliness

· Excess of fluoride also results in blotchy teeth

· Finally accumulation of tartar on teeth as a consequence of plague turning hard with passage of time also is a reason for the yellow color of teeth

Whitening products

If your teeth are already discolored, you need not worry as you can find a plethora of ways by which to get back that pearly white smile. Visit your family dentist in Tijuana Mexico and get treatment for whitening of your teeth. If you already have caps, crowns, bonding or even tooth colored fillings in place then it is better to ask your dentist first about the best option for you.

Home treatments to get white teeth

The following are some of the home remedies which you can try, but remember to consult your dentist since tooth enamel is delicate and it may result in wearing down of your enamel, thereby more permanent problems may result. Below are a few home remedies:

· Take the white portion of an orange peel and rub it all along your teeth.

· Use baking soda to brush your teeth.

· By means of a Q-Tip, wipe hydrogen peroxide on the exterior of your teeth.

· Strawberry pulp which has a bleaching effect naturally will also help.

· Combine sale, baking soda and water together and brush your teeth with the combo.

· Take vinegar and water solution and rinse your mouth.

Try out the above methods and get back those pearly teeth.

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