How Smoking Damages Your Smile

How Smoking Damages Your Smile

All of us know the significance of having a great, lovely smile. For this, we should have stainless teeth. Apart from playing an essential role in chewing food and talking, teeth contribute to our personal appearance and add value to the face. If you have stains on teeth will automatically damage your smile. Let us see how How Smoking Damages Your Smile.

Smoking stains your teeth and can give you bad breath. It might seem shallow or vain, but nearly all people desire a white smile (or certainly not an unsightly looking set of yellow teeth). Also, they don’t want to have to be eating gum or taking breath freshener on every occasion; they have a cigarette either.

Cigarettes will give you smokers smell. Your hair and body may have that distinctive aroma that marks you out as a smoker. Your outfits can even smell of it.

Implant rejection may not effect all patients, but there are other procedures which are effected by smoking. Something as simple as a filling can be ineffective because of smoking, along with teeth removals, and gum disease. Antibiotics and topical treatments can also become useless because of smoking which can lead to more serious problems before, during and after dental procedures.

The most common dental problem facing tobacco users, in the beginning, are minor things such as bad breath and teeth discoloration. However, these mild problems can turn into more serious problems quickly. According to a study done by the Dental Association, about 32% of smokers need to have a filling replaced, about 10.1% need a tooth extraction, and about 22.5% needed a major dental cleaning because of periodontal disease world wide. Smoking can further be a factor in the loss of jaw bone, gum disease leading to tooth loss, and increased plaque and tartar build up.

You can find a host of other medical problems that are thought to be brought about or made worse by smoking. Many of these conditions are life-threatening problems.

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