Get an Even Brighter Smile with White Composite Fillings

Get an Even Brighter Smile with White Composite Fillings

white composite fillings in tijuanaAlmost everyone in adulthood years have had cavity issues in the past, and most likely, they’ve had fillings performed. In the past, the common material to repair cavities was metal. If this is your case, you know they are not a pretty site and nothing to show off. There’s something unattractive about having metal in the month, not mention the known issues caused by the metal materials that were used as fillings in the past.

Fortunately, that is no longer an issue. Today, if your Tijuana dentist needs to treat a cavity, he will use a tooth colored, durable, long-lasting composite resin.

Dental resins, also known as white composite fillings, provide a beautiful white color to your teeth, while renewing both the form and the functionality of your damaged tooth.

One of the may advantages of dental composite resins is that, unlike metal fillings, they are not affected by temperature changes, so there’s no risk of the material cracking when in contact with hot or cold beverages and foods.

If you already have metal filling, they can be removed and replaced with white composite fillings. This will help you keep your cavities under check, while making the look bright white, without having to worry about the negative effects metal could have in your overall health.

If you have cavities, and would like to treat them, or if you currently have metal fillings, your Tijuana dentist can use white composite fillings to repair or replace them.

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