Different Types Of Dental Fillings

Different Types Of Dental Fillings

dental-fillingsOral care and hygiene are utterly important, being a crucial part of our health. Unfortunately, many people neglect the importance of proper oral hygiene and regular dentist appointments, which leads to various dental problems.

Dental care offers a lot of options as far as treatments are concerned. Tijuana Dental fillings, for example, give patience several alternatives and it’s always best for you to have some knowledge of your options.

There are different types of dental fillings because they serve different purposes. They depend on the location where you need the filling, the severity of the decay, but also on the cost and your coverage. Some insurances cover all types of dental fillings, but others don’t and, like it or not, budget is an issue to be factored in when it comes to dental work, that’s why Tijuana Dental Studio is your best choice for affordable dental fillings.

One of the most common types of dental fillings are gold fillings, which are non-corrosive and solid. They are also more aesthetically attractive than other types, but the down side is that they cost a lot. Not only is their price about 10 times higher than the price of other options, but you will also have to visit your dentist in Tijuana more than once, which means more doctor’s bills.

Silver amalgam fillings are a cheaper alternative to gold fillings, but few people actually choose them because they don’t look that great. Otherwise, they are quite durable.

Another very common, and the most recommended type of dental filling, is the ceramic option. These fillings are made from porcelain and they look very good.

Composite fillings are also quite common, even though they are not as durable as metal fillings, because they can perfectly match the color of patients’ teeth.

Last, but not least, some patients choose glass ionomers, especially for kids, whose teeth are still changing, as they last no more than 5 years. They are popular because the glass and acrylic fillings release fluoride and this helps with the prevention of tooth decay.

Although it helps to have all this information about different types of fillings, their advantages and disadvantages, it’s still wise to consult with your dentist in Tijuana before making a choice.

Call us today, and one of our friendly patient coordinators will answer all your questions, give you an accurate quote, schedule your appointment, and help you make all the arrangements for your visit. Tijuana Dental Studio is your best option for all your dental needs.