Dental Tourism in Tijuana Mexico

Dental Tourism in Tijuana Mexico

Tourism, as we all know, is categorized as travel to an unknown or known destination to enjoy oneself while vacationing. Well, at Mexico we have taken it to another level where we are offering Dental Tourism to many clients who opted to have their dental procedures performed in Tijuana Mexico, instead of their home countries. The interest has grown because patients can have different procedures done with quality results and at more affordable prices.

Being Tijuana one of the top tourist destination in Northern Mexico, this does not sound so far-fetched. Provided that you can have a very enjoyable holiday on your visits, then why not have great dental care arrangements and have them at a reasonable cost. Tijuana has been a main attraction for US tourists because of it being just a drive away from the San Diego California border crossing.

Here are some of the reasons why Tijuana has turned into the top destination for all type of medical and dental treatments:

  • Most clinics staff top rated dentists.
  • Because they are so close to the border, dentists have access to the same training and resources as US dentists.
  • Dental treatments are much more affordable. On average, patients can expect to save as much as 70% compared to the same procedures in the USA
  • Being so close to the border, it is easy to just drive, or even walk, to Tijuana. And even if you are far away, you are just a plane ticket away from the San Diego International Airport.
  • Many dental clinics accept US Dental Insurance plans.

Of course, the name dental tourism implies tourism, on other words, a vacation, so when coming to Tijuana for dental care, patients also take the opportunity to enjoy the unique scenery and places only found in Baja California.

You cannot ask for a better experience than this. When you get home, you will have had an exciting vacation and have a winning smile to top your vacation off!

Call us today, and one of our friendly patient coordinators will answer all your questions, give you an accurate quote, schedule your appointment, and help you make all the arrangements needed for your visit. Tijuana Dental Studio is your best option for all your dental needs.