Dental Implants vs Dentures

Dental Implants vs Dentures

You could be having a tooth missing due to tooth decay, an accident or even dental fractures. There is no need to worry about the missing teeth as you have good alternatives available. The best options the dentist will provide are dental implants and dentures.

Dental implants in Tijuana; are tooth root that are artificially implanted surgically into the jawbone, they naturally function as normal teeth. This is a good option suggested by the dentist if you lost your tooth or have periodontal disease or an accident that led to tooth injury.

The dentist will tell you that the implants are durable and stronger especially after tooth loss. To know if you are a candidate that will benefit from the dental implants you need to have good oral health and hygiene, you need to have adequate jaw bone so as to support the dental implants

False teeth can be defined as dentures. They are not for everyone even though quality is improved. They are mainly used by people with weak jaw and gums because if not fitted well you may increase chances of infections and then slipping out while chewing or speaking.

Tijuana dentures should be fitted properly by the dentist so as to enable you as the patient to live a life with no worry that the teeth will fall or cause you any type of pain. Even though the dentures are false teeth, you as a patient should make sure you get quality and comfortable dentures.

Before the dentist fixes the denture, a dental oral examination will be done and you will get to discus with the dentist on the different dental denture options that are most appropriate for you. These dental dentures should fit well and be comfortable with no pain and definitely stable to avoid falling off moving while eating.

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