Dental Implants in Tijuana, a Smart Investment in your Oral health

Dental Implants in Tijuana, a Smart Investment in your Oral health

elder-coupleEven tough dental implants offer many advantages to other alternatives like dentures and dental bridges, a lot of people tend to want to stay away from them because of the higher cost of the treatment. However, if analyzed correctly, you will find that dental implants in Tijuana are actually a smart investment in your oral health.

When deciding what teeth replacement solution to go with, many patients decide based on price, but there are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Dental implants are a durable, long term solution for replacing missing teeth. If you follow your dentist’s care instructions, dental implants can easily last decades, and in most cases they can be a lifelong permanent solution.

In contrast, other solutions like dentures, may need to be replaced several times over the years, thus the original savings end up costing you more in treatments, dental visits and time.

Also, dental implants not only replace the missing teeth, they also stabilize the jawbone, stopping the wear that it suffers after loosing a tooth’s root. On the other hand, a denture does not stabilize the jawbone, so it will ware out and change shape over time, thus requiring the denture to be refitted.

To avoid spending money, many patients just postpone replacing a lost tooth, and decide to put up with it for a little longer. The problem is that putting it off for a while, usually turns into a long time, and that can end up being even more expensive, because letting time pass by may cause for more expensive treatment to be needed, like bone graft.

As you can see, even tough in the beginning it can feel like a big expense, dental implants are actually a long-term, smart investment in a beautiful, functional, fully restored smile. Besides, if you get your dental implants done with Tijuana Dental Studio, you will save a lot of money on dental care bills. You will pay around 60% less that what you would normally pay for the same treatment in the USA.

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