Dental Extractions: A Fast Way to Make the Pain Go Away

Dental Extractions: A Fast Way to Make the Pain Go Away

Dental Extraction in TijuanaWe’ve already written a lot about how to relieve and treat toothaches. But the reality is that sometimes, nothing will fix the pain. Well, almost nothing. If a root is already dead or an unattended infection has made the tooth useless, a dental extraction in Tijuana might be the only viable option.

Depending on the tooth, your Tijuana dentist can perform a simple or a surgical extraction.

Simple extractions

Simple extractions are the most common treatment. In a simple extraction, dentist will take off the tooth relaxing the gums. He will hold the tooth with some tweezers and will move it I both sides until it gets free.

Teeth hold to the bone across a piece of soft tissue. This tissue is called periodontal fiber. Dentist use this tissue to take the tooth off.

Simple extractions don’t take too much time to finish. Depending on the teeth, it could take only a few minutes after the area has been sedated.

Surgical extractions

Not all teeth can be removed with a simple extraction. Sometimes, a tooth is so hurt or broken that your dentist can’t see anything above the gum line. On this cases, a surgical extraction must be made.

For this kind of extractions, an oral surgery has to be done to cut the gum around the tooth until bone is exposed. When it’s exposed, dentist can pull it and use the traditional extraction method. In most of cases, tooth is buried in the bone, making it harder to be removed.

When teeth are buried in the jaw bone, like with wisdom teeth, dentist must use a drill to break it apart and pull the pieces. After the teeth is completely removed, usually some stitching needs to be done on the surrounding skin to prepare for proper healing.

Dental extractions are actually more common than you imagine, and are performed very often in our dental clinic. Of course, only a trained and experienced dentist can determine if an extraction is the best course of action, or if some other treatment can be performed that would save your tooth.

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