Dental Care for the Entire Family in Tijuana Mexico

Dental Care for the Entire Family in Tijuana Mexico

Tijuana Dental Care for the FamilyUnless it’s a newborn, all family members share something other than the last name. They all have dental needs. From the littlest ones to the granddad, they all need a regular visit to the dentist.

At Tijuana Dental Studio we offer dental care for the entire family. From braces for the kids and regular cleanings for the parents, to dental implants, root canals and dental crowns for the grandparents. No matter the situation, we have professional dentists and dental assistants on staff that can help you. We have decades of experience serving customers from both the United States and Mexico. Our American patients love coming across the border to get their dental work done with us because of our affordable prices. At Tijuana Dental Studio you save an average of 70% compared to US dentist’s rates, without compromising quality, health and security. In fact, our Tijuana dental clinic has the most up-to-date equipment and technology, and we perform the most advanced and modern procedures with the same quality standards than US dental clinics.

If you’ve never come down to Tijuana, you may feel like it’s a land far far way, but it’s not. We are a dental clinic in Mexico located just minutes from the border with San Diego, California.

Call us today to schedule an appointment, and one of our friendly coordinators will help you plan everything needed for your trip across the border to Tijuana.

Bring the whole family, and you’ll see how safe, easy and cost effective it’ll be to have all your dental needs taken care of at Tijuana Dental Studio.