Dental braces, which type is right for me?

Dental braces, which type is right for me?

Dental braces are used to correct teeth that are crooked or crowded. Your teeth may be straight, but maybe your upper and lower jaws do not meet properly. You may also have an abnormal bite, either way; a dentist can help you straighten your smile using dental braces.

Before your orthodontist gets started, it is important that you understand the type of dental braces at your disposal, and how the type you and him will choose will affect your teeth. There are three types of braces, but all has some similarity; i.e. they utilize wire and elastic bands to attach the braces and align your teeth.

Metal braces

These are the most inexpensive type of dental braces, but obviously, their drawback is how visible they are usually are. They hold a thin wire in place with a rubber band that puts pressure on the teeth to keep it in the desired position.

Ceramic braces

These are a little expensive when compared to their metal counterpart; however, they are not that visible since they are made to blend with your teeth. You can choose between clear ties or a white one to hold your teeth in place. Unlike the metal braces, ceramic are usually sensitive and can easily break or chip therefore requires more maintenance which increases the overall treatment cost and time.

Clear aligners

These are basically made of durable acrylic materials, and they can effectively straighten your teeth without wires or brackets. These are customizable; they are very comfortable and are removable.

These are the common types, but other options are still worth considering, but your Best Tijuana Dentist should be able to advise you on the right type of braces. Dental braces are very successful, but it’s imperative to look after your teeth while wearing them since they can trap foods causing more plague built up than usual.

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