Brackets with Color Bands

Brackets with Color Bands

colored-bracesOne of the most important parts, and also enjoyed by the patient in every visit, during the Orthodontic treatment is changing the colored rubber bands.

If you have chosen conventional brackets whether they are metal or invisible, you should know that in every consultation you can choose among a wide range of colors or create your own combination every 3 or 4 weeks. A lot of people choose the colors of their favorite team, colors that match their uniform of favorite clothes; or they choose colors for a special occasion as Halloween or Christmas.

What the color rubber bands are for?

Bands or elastomers, are used to set the main arc to the brackets in order to guide and direct the teeth arrangement to their ideal position

Nowadays, there also exist brackets that don’t need elastic bands to set the arc, those are called Self-ligating Brackets. These brackets have a peculiar lock which holds the arc and it is possible to avoid the use of color rubber bands, decreasing friction an essentially making teeth movement a little bit faster.

If you want the bands to be discreet and not to be noticed, the best colors you can choose are silver or transparent.

If you use Zafiro brackets (clear ones) the best rubber bands are the clear or pearly ones since they resemble the color of the tooth and don’t change color easily with ingested food (as coffee or soda).

Even with transparent brackets exists the option to place color bands, in that case, the bracket will show a pastel hue or more intense, depending on the color selection.

You must know that bands used in your Orthodontic treatment in Tijuana will be special for it. “Super slick” (TP Ortho) elastic bands will always be used, which feature the following technology:

  • Resistant to bacterial adhesion- allows your mouth to keep better hygienic conditions during the treatment.
  • Consistency shift – at contact with saliva, colored bands become more viscous, this facilitates tooth movement to eliminate friction.
  • They keep their elastic properties for longer, hold firmly the arc against the bracket and maintain their elasticity and optimum resistance during the 3 or 4 weeks, until your next visit.

Remember that in every visit you can decide to change colors or their combination, the limit is your imagination! Call us today to schedule your next visit. You will not only get a great smile, but you will also save on your dental care cost!