Bleeding Gums? Learn What Could Cause it and How to Fix it!

Bleeding Gums? Learn What Could Cause it and How to Fix it!

Bleeding GumsDoes brushing your teeth make your gums bleed? Do you hate the taste of blood and toothpaste mixing? Well you may be doing something wrong when you brush your teeth. Dealing with bleeding gums is one of the most hated parts of brushing. In fact it’s one of the many reasons why more and more people are brushing their teeth less. Bleeding gums have also made it difficult for people to properly clean their teeth, so don’t let yourself fall into that category.

Life can be demanding at times and pushing people to move quickly, this leads people to having little time to properly care for their teeth and in a hurry they apply too much pressure and cause bleeding. Brushing harder doesn’t mean that your teeth will become more clean. In fact it can have the opposite effect. Studies have shown that applying too much pressure can make your gums bleed. Try switching hands and taking it easy. Of course don’t lose your job over brushing your teeth. If you’re in a hurry than go quickly but that doesn’t mean you need to stab your mouth with your toothbrush.

Another reason why gums begin to bleed easily is that most people brush their teeth wrong. Everyone heard this at a young age, but for whatever reason it never stuck. If you are brushing your teeth back-and-forth, than you’re part of the millions of people who think that they are brushing their teeth well. Instead make a circle motion or go up and down, this way you won’t have to deal with bleeding gums. Also take in to count how soft your toothbrush bristles actually are. The majority or people are suppose to be using soft bristled toothbrushes, but they aren’t. Switch it up and see how you feel.

Finally, how often do you brush or floss? If you’re not brushing at least twice a day or flossing at least once, than your mouth may not be used to the constant scrubbing and cleaning and that maybe why your gums bleed. Give it a week and see your body get’s use to it.

Don’t be the person who can’t brush their teeth. Try the steps above and see if you can stop the unpleasant bleeding. If for whatever reason the bleeding does not stop, schedule an appointment with your Tijuana Dentist. There is always the chance you might have an infection like Gingivitis or Periodontitis, and they need to be treated immediately. If you have any of this symptoms call Tijuana Dental Studio immediately to schedule your visit. It may be that you only need a dental cleaning, but if it’s something more serious, our professional Mexico dentists will diagnose and treat what ever problem you may have at the most affordable rates.