Avoiding Teeth Wear and Damage

Avoiding Teeth Wear and Damage

teeth-wearAs life spans have elevated over the past century so has the significance of sustaining good oral health. Teeth are a vital part of our everyday lives. They help us get good nutrition, and they even make us look nice. It’s essential we do all we are able to do to protect them for a lifetime.

Through advances in dentistry and oral hygiene, two of teeth biggest enemies, dental caries (tooth decay) and periodontal (gum) disease, are not only treatable but even preventable. The truth remains, though, that like the rest of our body, our teeth are still subject to aging. The irreplaceable outer layer referred to as enamel is very prone to wear over time.

Normal teeth wear happens due to occlusal (biting) activity. As our upper and lower teeth work together with one another by way of constant biting and chewing actions, some of the enamel surface naturally wears away as time goes by. Our greatest concern shouldn’t be the wear itself but the rate of damage — whether it’s exceeded the normal range.

Habits that increase the frequency and rate of biting forces are the most typical motives for extreme enamel erosion. Such habits include tooth-to-tooth as when we clench or grind our teeth and tooth-to-foreign object, the persistent behavior of holding hard objects (nails, pencils, pins, and so on.) tightly between the teeth. Many of those habits are a response to psychological stress that may even carry over into our sleep.

The bottom line is to reduce these effects on the normal process of wear, and to guard teeth for as long as possible. The best way to accomplish that goal is determined by your particular circumstances: treatments could include things like orthodontics to correct bite problems that contribute to irregular wear, considering restoring worn teeth with new crowns or fillings, or lowering grinding or clenching with nocturnal mouth guards or some form of stress-reduction remedy.

In instances where irregular wear has passed the point where it doesn’t make sense to restore your natural teeth, all is just not lost — restorations like dental implants may help restore lost function and prevent additional erosion. Advances over the past thirty years in restoration methods can actually give new life to old teeth. What’s more, we are able to also restore form — to bring back once again that smile from your younger years.

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