Are Dental Implants right for you?

Are Dental Implants right for you?

If your mouth has a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants should be considered as an option because the gap that is created in your mouth by a missing tooth or teeth can cause a myriad of problems from jaw misalignment to degeneration of your gum and jawbone. The good news is that age is not a limiting factor for dental implants in adults and have enough bone to hold the implant. Because bone and gum tissue are lost when the tooth root is no longer there to keep them stimulated and healthy, the longer a patient waits after losing a tooth to have implant surgery, the bigger the risk for not having sufficient bone becomes.

In some instances, your dentist may recommend bone grafting where a synthetic bone or dense bone is grafted to your jawbone to give you the bone density and quality that is needed for a dental implant or implants. When ridge modification is required, your gum is lifted away from the area where your bone is insufficient for the implant and the area is built up using either bone or bone substitutes which help regenerate the bone and tissue that has been lost. Once the bone bridge has been rebuilt, the incision is closed and depending on your individual case, the implant may be placed at that time, or the bone may need to be allowed to heal and develop before the implant placement can occur.

If you have lost bone density in your upper back jaw, sinus augmentation may be required to ready your mouth for dental implants. Since that area of your mouth is in very proximity to your sinus, if bone loss has occurred, the sinus floor can be raised, and bone grafting can be done. Several different techniques can be used for developing bone in this area of your mouth and your dentist can discuss your best options with you.

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