About Dental Implants

About Dental Implants

Are you unhappy with your smile? The most groundbreaking and invasive way to get you to enjoy your smile is to pursue dental implants. It doesn’t matter if you are missing teeth or suffer from tooth decay. Almost anyone can qualify for dental implants. Dental implants are defined as alternative replacement tooth roots that are made to reflect your natural teeth and feel just like them too.

One of the good things about dental implants is the fact that you not only took good but your new teeth are there to stay. When you get these implants, not only are they designed like your natural teeth but the implants merge with bone and soon become your permanent teeth.

Another great note is that you won’t have to worry about any sort of dentures trying to slip in your mouth while you chew, eat, or talk. The implants are set in your mouth and you don’t ever have to worry about denture glue anymore.

All in all, dental implants procedures have changed many people’s life and gave them back their self-confidence. The success rate for dental implants is at a 98 percent rating. Although getting dental work done is covered by most insurances, dental implants are not covered in the majority of some dental plans. For this reason, visiting your dentist in Tijuana Mexico could be your best and most cost effective option.

The dental implant process is as follows: You go to see your dental provider and they individually give you a treatment plan and in some cases the consultation is free. Afterward, the tooth root gets implanted into the bone socket of your missing teeth. The tooth root is small and made of titanium. After this step, the healing process of your jawbone takes place which makes the jawbone grow around the root securing it to your jaw. The original healing process is anywhere from 6-12 weeks. After the healing process takes place the abutment is attached to hold the tooth.

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